Recent Calls
Thu. Sep 4th 2008
Laconia Fire Respods to 3-Alarm Fire At Laundry Facility

  On September 4, 2008 at 2338 hours, the Laconia Fire Department responded to a reported building fire at Lakes Region...

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Tue. Mar 11th 2008

An early morning fire on March 11, 2008 destoyed a long established auto repair busiess on Weirs Boulevard.  The fire wa...

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Thu. Feb 28th 2008

The Laconia Fire Department responded to two building collapses due to snow loading within a 12-hour period.   The ...

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News Headlines
Sat. Sep 22nd 2012
Laconia Firefighters Participate in WOW Trail Walk/Run/Bike in Full PPE

Laconia Firefighters participated in the WOW trail Walk/Run/Bike event in full protective equipment and on breathing air.&nbs...

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Tue. Jul 24th 2012
Chemical Spill

  On July 24, 2012, the Laconia Fire Department responded to an automatic fire alarm at ABC Fabricators. Upon ente...

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Tue. Feb 21st 2012
Swearing In Ceremony

On February 21, 2012, the Laconia Fire Department held a swearing-in and promotion ceremony at the Central Fire Station. Sta...

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About Us

 Laconia Fire History  

With the city's growth as an industrial center came a growing need for fire protection and early private fire brigades were set up in the city by manufactures to protect their facilities. The services of these fire brigades were made available to the public as well by the companies which had set them up. The main incentive for establishing this service was the Great Fire of 1860 which destroyed most of the property on Main Street from Mill Street to Water Street on November 21 of that year. These private fire-fighting companies were well established by the 1870's with fire houses, men in uniform, and up-to-date equipment. A horse-drawn Amoskeag Steamer (a steam-powered water pump) and its fire brigade were photographed in Laconia in 1875. In 1888, a photograph of a large fire company is notable for its two hose wagons and its hook and ladder. Upon the establishment of Laconia as a city, the City Council as one of its first acts voted to have the Weirs firehouse built and that structure was complete in 1894. Fire brigades and, later, departments were called in by telegraph and, later, by telephone. In winter, equipment was placed on trains to get it as close to the fire as road conditions would allow. It is worth noting that there were two major disasters in the early 1900's: in 1902 there was an explosion which destroyed the Masonic temple and the adjacent livery stable. On May 26, 1903, a fire destroyed Lakeport, with fire companies being brought in by train from as far as Dover, NH, to fight the Great Lakeport Fire.

The department is staffed by 42 paid personnel:

4 Command Staff , 1 Administrative Assistant and 1 Part-Time Support Secretary

36 Officers and Fire Fighters

The Laconia Fire Department currently operates 4 Engines, 2 Ladders, 3 Ambulances,  2 Utility Units, 4 Boats, 5 Administration Vehicles and 1 Forestry Unit.  

Central Station:

Engine 1, Engine 2, Ladder 1, Ambulance 2,  Ambulance 3,  Car 1, Car 2, Car 3, Car 4, Car 6

Weirs Beach Station:

Engine 5, Ladder 2, Ambulance 4, Forestry 1

Lakeport Station:

Reserve Engine 3

Weirs Beach Docks:

Boat 1

Water Works Docks:

Boat 2

Lake Winnisquam:

Boat 4

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Laconia Fire Department
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